Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sony KDL40HX803U 3D TV

Forget about reminiscence of blurry images and cheap cardboard glasses at the local cinema, because 3D has moved on from this and you are now able to experience its full capability in the comfort of your own home.
One of the best known brand of televisions is Sony and their Sony Bravia range. This company is recognised for producing high quality products which offer top results and last for a long time. One of thee latest Sony TV's which is 3D ready is the KDL40HX803U. In this article, we will take a look at the Sony KDL40HX803U 3D TV and see what key features and functions it has to offer.

The Sony KDL40HX803U will make sure you are all set for an incredible and realistic Full HD 3D experience at home. As soon as you get connected with the Active Shutter glasses and the 3D transmitter item, you are going to feel as if you're sitting at the heart of the actions and sitting right next to your favourite film star.
Owners of this TV will also be able to benefit from a large range of free digital Television and radio channels, HD programmes and built-in Freeview HD which come as standard with pretty much all modern TV sets. There is no subscription or long term contract and no need for a set-top box or satellite dish. It's actually all easily accessible by using only one remote control and your external TV aerial to pick up the signal and start watching.
Whether it's a fast-moving football match or even the latest blockbuster movies, you'd like the same thing from you TV. And we think that the KDL40HX803U delivers. It will offer users shockingly sleek and blur-free visuals. This is good news, because many other TVs promise this, but often fail to deliver.
The Sony KDL-40HX803 comes with something called Motion-flow 200Hz. What this does is deliver four times more images than standard 50Hz TVs and means that you will see the picture on the screen in the greatest possible depth and detail. Incorporate this with locally dimming Edge LED backlight technological innovation and you get the right mixture of thin style and design combined with picture performance. From the TVs we have seen recently, you will not encounter richer colour, deep shades of black as well as the brighter whites for a set in this price range.
One really cool benefit of modern televisions is access to the world wide web. With the Sony KDL40HX803U and you can easily use the internet by connecting to your Wi-Fi home network, cutting back on wires and cables going around the room. With the access to the Net, you will be able to stream full-screen world wide web videos straight to your television set from sites including You Tube.

LG 47LX6900 47" 3D Ready Full HD LED

We have seen many developments in the world of electronics and particularly televisions. Gone are the days when having a colour display and a remote control was considered groundbreaking. Following to from the HD craze, 3D TV will be the new word TV entertainment and content creation. So far, we have 4 key producers of 3D Ready TVs - Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and LG. LG, have one of the biggest ranges featuring this new technology and in this review we will take a look at one specific model - the LG 47LX6900.
This LG 47LX6900 47" 3D Ready Full HD LED Television will offer purchasers Full LED technological innovation, which supplies significantly better display quality compared to Edge LED Television sets. Another cool feature is the fact that this TV is also environmentally friendly. In has a special feature which means that it can save on the amount of power it needs to produce the images on the screen.

Due to vibrant 10,000,000 contrast, clean High definition 1920 x 1080p image resolution, as well as rapid TruMotion 200Hz. The device will pretty much be able to remove all motion blur. The style and layout is nice too, as it is only 31.6mm-thin and an amazingly exquisite TV which could be part of many people's entertainment system in your house and is great for playing video games.
Paired up with 3D glasses, this provides you with a truly inspiring experience for you to view. It's amazing display operation is just the beginning when we look at the features. The LG 47LX6900 at the same time has cutting-edge characteristics and functionality, which includes an integrated Freeview High definition tuner that offers anyone use of virtually any available terrestrial HD broadcasts which might appear in the future.
Likewise, this stellar Full LED Telly includes NetCast Entertainment Access, which provides you immediate access to and enjoy content on the web like YouTube. This can be done by using the built-in Ethernet port or by using an optional Wireless USB dongle which you could buy. Three High-definition multimedia interface ports let you hook up your own favourite HD equipment for instance a Blu-Ray DVD player or gaming device while the distinctive Magic Motion handy remote control makes connection with your LG 47LX6900 seamlessly easy.
The LG 47LX6900 is not a top of the range television, but it is a very good TV set for the money and offers good value for money. We think this is perfect for use in the living room and is a Television which all the family will be able to enjoy and make use of.

Samsung UE40C7000 40" Full HD 3D Ready LED TV

It is true 3D TVs are more expensive than 2D TVs, but that is because the technology is far more advanced. Having said that, 3D televisions have been out for a few months now and we have seen the prices come down, especially as manufacturers release a bigger range of products to suit different budgets. In this article we take a look at one of the more affordable 3D TVs on the market at this moment in time - the Samsung UE40C7000.

The Samsung UE40C7000 40" Full HD 3D Ready LED TV set is really a force to behold and has a number of nice features you might not think a TV should have. To use this TV, you will need to have 3D active shutter glasses. If you are shopping for this TV, look carefully at all the available offers, because some retailer will include 3D glasses and some won't, whilst other will add in extra glasses, so you have enough for the whole family.
This kind of Television set won't just cater for 3D television. Using the Samsung UE40C7000 you'll also enjoy far better, richer HD 1080p picture on the large screen, as a result of the LED-backlighting, whilst the frame frequency of 200 Hz keeps pictures razor-sharp, whatever you're watching. This is something many people often overlook when they talk about 3D TVs. Many people believe or are under the misconception that 3D TVs can only play 3D content. This is simply not true and owners will still be able to view all of the standard content whenever they like.
The Samsung UE40C7000 TV also sports Samsung's DLNA-powered All Share engineering. The Samsung UE40C7000 3D TV set permits you to go wireless whenever you feel like playing the videos or songs stored anywhere in your home network. TVs have now moved on and they are not just for watching TV. Many people hook up their TV to a PC, so the website experience is even better and so they can take advantage of any available online content, such as BBC iPlayer and such like.
The actual Samsung UE40C7000 40" Full HD 3D Ready LED TV is packed with all of the things you could expect or want. This is to make certain that a fine detailed 3D High-Definition entertainment encounter may be seen in your home whenever you want. 3D TV is great for all the family and it is an excellent way for you to all gather together and spend more time in each other company. This is a pretty thin TV, in fact it is less than 2.7cm thick so you will not have any problems fitting this in tight spaces.

LG 42LX6500 LED 3D Ready TV

LG and one of the four major television manufactures are making 3D Ready TVs at the moment. In the following review, we will take a look at the LG 42LX6500 model. This LG 42LX6500 is a 42" LED 3D Ready TV with a number of interesting technology advancements on display.

This LG 42LX6500 LED telly will right away seize ones attention through bringing your content alive using 3D Active technology. On this LG TV you will find a huge 42 inch display for ones viewing pleasure in the comfort of you own house.
In combination with LED Plus technology and 1080p Full HD resolution - the LG 42LX6500 LED TV boasts TruMotion 200Hz to allow you to keep up with the fastest moving scenes without having to worry about a slow and blurry image appearing on the screen at any time. The compelling contrast ratio reaches a high of 8,000,000:1 and also the 2.2 milliseconds reaction period picks out even tiny points of detail and depth on the screen.
This LG television is operated through an Xd Engine processor chip, so the LG 42LX6500 takes your viewing encounter to a level you are unlikely to have witnessed in a standard LED TV. This is also to due with the fact that the 42LX6500 also comes with 24p Real Cinema and the AV Mode which help to give it that superior picture quality you expect from a high-end 3D Ready television. The Picture Wizard technological innovation makes configuring peripherals straightforward and fast for users with even a basic understanding of technology.
A DLNA link within the LG 42LX6500 offers you instantaneous access to multimedia content stored on compatible products. These may include you music players, PC, Blu-Ray players and such like. Just so you know, many of the new Blu-Rays which are in 3D require a 3D Blu-Ray player, so that is something you also should consider.
Both USB ports make it possible to listen to Mp3 format music, view JPEG photographs as well as watch DivX HD video clips on this LG. At the same time, this 42LX6500's 4 HDMI sockets, Ci slot, integrated Ethernet network interface and also NetCast Entertainment Access (Wireless prepared) gives the user lots of options and possibilities.
You should be aware that to watch content in 3D, you will need an infrared emitter and also 3D spectacles and you need to see if these are included with whatever dealer you wind up going with.

Panasonic VIERA TX-P42GT20B 42″ Full HD 3D Ready Plasma TV

Your Panasonic VIERA TX-P42GT20B 42″ Full HD 3D Ready Plasma TV set comes with THX technological know-how, movie images are reproduced just as the film's makers meant them to be seen. The entire purpose of this brand new television is to increase the experience of home cinema end users by more consistently re-creating the sound and visual experience of the movies. This Panasonic VIERA TX-P42GT20B 42″ Full HD 3D Ready Plasma Tv has been subject to tough assessments to obtain the THX certification this means it makes a high quality picture throughout the entire display.

Of course, although you can delight in 3D Tv set using your Viera but also you can view online videos, pictures and much more. This Panasonic TX-P42GT20B has a built in net user interface that enables you to read the sports results, breaking news, weather and many more. Additionally there is some great inclusions in their on-line attractions including Skype and also Twitter software. With no additional equipment you can not only have a tremendous TV set encounter, but you may also use the internet. As online technological know-how advances, we all will quickly notice a growing volume of content material show up on the net, including Google TV, BBC iPlayer, 4OD and many others.
The Panasonic TX-P42GT20B comes with a DVB-S receiver giving you Freesat HD and also a DVB-T2 tuner for Freeview HD which provides a subscription free solution to watch high definition programs plus your favourite TV stations. Note that you have a one off payment regarding Freesat services and for Freeview HD you will have to make sure your neighbourhood has Freeview signals. This is something that has been growing, however it is often best to check before you purchase.
When you have observed a 3D Television functioning you'll be amazed with the colours and contrast which they will be able to offer you. It's far past any LCD or LED TV set. In case you are a XBox or PS3 player you'll love the Panasonic TX-P42GT20B since there is no lag while enjoying your video games. XBox, Sony among others are looking to expand their selection of 3D gaming and to be able to take advantage of this, you will need to have a TV which is 3D Ready.
The particular Panasonic VIERA TX-P42GT20B 42″ Plasma TV is an incredible Tv set which has totally changed the household cinema experience and it has introduced 3DTV to your living room. This specific television set is outstanding and you will enjoy what you see, be it films, sports events or even the improving selection of 3D programming promised by the networks. Allow the television viewing experience become more active with the Panasonic TX-P42GT20B.

LG 42LX6900 3D LED TV

There is a new craze in broadcasting at the moment and this is 3D Television. A number of manufactures have already started releasing new models - such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG. In this article, we are going to take a look at what a TV by LG has to offer. The TV we will review is the LG 42LX6900 3D LED TV

This LG 42LX6900 3D LED TV, is able to take the full potential of a directors vision and bring the 3D film to life inside the comfort of your room. These kind of TVs are also great for watching sporting events such as football and golf. Sky sports recently offered Ryder Cup golf coverage in 3D and the results were pretty amazing.
Mainly because of LG's TruMotion 200Hz know-how, the 42LX6900 Television set gives exceptional, magnificent pictures and also standout pictures with outstanding clearness in standard HD as well as 3D settings. With this function, this practically gets rid of motion blur and picture flicker, which makes it ideal for watching sports like football or fast paced movies with lots of action. Merge this along with LG's Edge LED backlight and Three dimensional ready technologies and you'll get the ideal blend of slim design and movie theatre functionality. You will also have rich colour, deep blacks as well as the bright whites. In terms of looks and style, this TV has this in bucket loads and would look great in any modern home.
Owners of this TV, will be able to xamine the best of the web in the convenience of your family room with all the amazing brand new world of internet Television sets. As an illustration, working with NetCast you'll be capable of view the very best of the internet including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and others.
To eliminate electricity wastage, a LG 42LX6900 intelligent Sensor mode immediately registers the lighting levels in your watching environment and adjusts the picture accordingly to offer the most effective viewing results which anyone could want from a Television. This is a very important feature, because more and more customers are looking for ways to be eco friendly and save money on their electricity bills.
What's more, using the built-in Freeview HD Televisions tuner you'll have the ability to watch subscription free of charge stations and spend less on your Televisions bill which you will need to take care of. Overall, this is a good all round 3D TV which has all the features and functions a user would want

Samsung LN32A550 model is a 32 inch flat screen LCD TV

Offering an enhanced level of viewing experience, the Samsung LN32A550 model is a 32 inch flat screen LCD TV. Due to its 1080p display format, the images delivered by this TV set are stunningly great in quality. You will be also intrigued by the features this TV set has been packaged with. It can be bought at a considerable price of around $949.99 or even much lesser than this if you go to the right shop.

Packaged with the fascinating features, this TV set has the power to display the HD movies or any other programs in their most sharp image quality. The innovative Samsung has equipped this TV set with its enhanced image processors. The provision of the Wide Color Enhancer technology, coupled with the Dynamic contrast ratio of 15000:1, makes your TV more apt at improving the contrast and the black level of the image output. Along with this, the creative manufacturers of Samsung have packaged this TV set with their Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe) and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) technology to enhance the picture quality.
Besides, the Samsung LN32A550 also does not falls back in yielding a better audio output through its two built-in stereo speakers (10 watt each). So, with the features such as the SRS TruSurround XT and the Auto Volume adjustment, you would get to enjoy beautiful theatre-like sound quality. Moreover, this TV set also sports the built-in ATSC/NTSC tuners through the assistance o which you would have no trouble in accessing all those free-to-air TV channels.
Furthermore, this Samsung flat screen LCD TV set also features a pretty good connectivity options. You will be probably glad by the presence of WiseLink USB 2.0 port in this TV set, by the aid of which you would be able to connect your digital camera, flash drive or any other USB devices. Along with this, there are three HDMI inputs though which you can hook up your desired HD devices such as your camcorder, blu-ray player or your gaming console.
A highlight of its Features:
• 32 inch screen
• 1080p display format
• Wide Color Enhancer technology
• Dynamic contrast ratio of 15000:1
• 60 HZ refresh rate
• 5 ms response time
• Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe)
• Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) technology
• Built-in ATSC/NTSC tuners
• SRS TruSurround XT
• Auto Volume adjustment
• 2 built-in stereo speakers (10 watt each)
• 3 HDMI inputs
• 2 Component video inputs
• 2 Composite video inputs
• 1 S-video input
• 1 PC input
• WiseLink USB 2.0 port
• V-chip parental control
• Sleep Timer